Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mothers Day Tea party!

Hey everyone!
Today was just too sweet. Alexander's PreK class (along with a few others at his school) hosted a Muffins with Mommy Mother's day tea party! We arrived in the lunchroom area to find roses, a wall of art (they were pictures our children made of us and we had to guess which one was our portrait - mine is number 7 the blond down on the far left with the blue. Then, we sat down with our kids to eat muffins, petifours, etc! So sweet and fun! The kids had made placemats and sweet cards... by the way... according to Alexander I am 25 years old, and we have the most fun playing games together! hee!

So, wanted to share two sneak peeks of the next kit- Lollipop Forest at Label Tulip. There are also three or four sneaks up here... you will want to check it out on the 15th because these kits are fab!!! I heart the add-ons. I am currently working with the Little Bitty Pretty one right now!!!!

Happy Mother's day everyone!


Kimberly said...

OMGosh...LOVE your sneaks...and what a fun day with Alexander too!

milkcan said...

Awesome sneaks! I am super intrigued!

Anonymous said...

Aw How adorable Charity...
Those cards and creations from the kids are the best!!!`Fab`..You look flamin good...
I tell the Granchildrem I am 25!!!lol..
Your sneeks look wondeful..
HaVE A great M`day:)♥

Anabelle said...

So pretty, Charity!!

Leigh said...

Great sneaks, Charity!
Can't wait to see the full layouts!
Happy belated mother's day to you!

Millie said...

Sounds like a wonderful day!! Enjoy! Mine are 20 and 23 so I struggle just getting time with them!!