Thursday, August 21, 2008

tropical storm today

well, thank goodness Fay didn't turn into a hurricane, but she's definately made this week a strange one... schools are out, church cancelled, Alexander's school orientation cancelled, rain, clouds, wind, trying to figure out what's going on with this storm!anyways! Here we are today staying at the house! Alexander and Audrey have been playing a long time piling toys in a little corner of her room, playing train, car and who knows what else! They're so funny! Here's the view from our window and one of the wet street! I think the rain, etc. supposed to get worse today as the storm comes closer to us. We don't live in a flooding zone, so we should be good! Hope your day is a little less wet and dreary!

On a happier note: Memory Maker's Master winners for 2008 have been announced. A few of my "friends" from the scrappy world won and I'm so happy for Anabelle and Jaime!!!

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