Monday, August 25, 2008

Chatterbox stuff!

Well, the final word is supposed to be tomorrow... so far, no email for me, but tomorrow is supposed to be the announcement of the new Chatterbox design team.
So, I decided it's time to share my projects for the design team callback here on my blog (not to mention the fact that my talented friend Stacey shared her amazing callback work on her blog- a must see- so, here I am giving in to peer pressure that she probably never intended! wink!).
Even if I don't get on the team, it's been so fun to play with the Chatterbox products! Ok, enough rambling... I won't share the layout yet... you'll have to check back for that, but here's my altered project made with the Ecelectique line, the album is from the artsylicious kohl collection!
There is a flip album that can be used as a display- as seen in the first pic... I'll share more of that later this week too! tfl.

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Kandis Smith said...

wow, those flowers are sooo cool Charity!!