Sunday, August 3, 2008

I got tagged by Lea!

my friend Lea tagged me the other day. I have had the pleasure of meeting her thru the card positioning system's team. She is a real sweet lady, a fellow Christian and I think her work is fabulous! Go check her out! I'm just now getting to answering the random questions, etc... so, here it goes!

1. I really don't like cats
2. My favorite colors are white, pink and light green.
3. The last song I listened to was "Straw-baw-baw-baw-ba berry... shortcake" theme song with my daughter! ya, try gettin' that one out of your head!
4. I'm a reluctant spender- seriously, ask my mom and my hubby!
5. Definately was not the popular girl at school.
6. Enjoy trying to make up harmonies to songs!

now, i'm supposed to think of people to tag....hmm....

1 comment:

Kirsty said...

Well now I have the Strawberry Shortcake theme Song ringing in my head!!!!