Tuesday, April 1, 2008


so, my online friend Danni tagged me a bit ago and I have yet to respond.... till now! hee.. so, here are 7 random things about me...
1. My fav. toenail polish color is lilac.

2. I used to think making cards from scratch was not for me! (eek!)

3. I love ladybugs.

4. My husband and i met while playing volleyball at a church function... I acted like I didn't know which way to rotate on the court so I could talk to him... of course, he didn't know that I took Volleyball in college.. snort!

5. I refuse to clean up the kitty litter after my hubby's cat... it's only mine by marriage and that was my firm understanding was no litter box duty for me... ugh.

6. I've been to the TajMajal!

7. I love to call my kids sappy nicknames... sugar pop, sweet pea, baby cakes!


Sherry Wright said...

Fun facts Charity, love that lo as well. :0)

Anonymous said...

"Thanks" for visiting my blog:)
I Loved reading your Tag Charity....and might I add you have a beautiful blog:)x

dannisdoodles said...

Your lo is so ADORABLE Charity, i completely heart it!

so glad you love making cards now because you rock!

i pmd you on CMK!

hugs & love girl!