Wednesday, April 2, 2008

hands full but heart fuller...

i saw this today on a layout someone posted on 2peas... loved the saying when it comes to my children it's true. sometimes it amazes me how some really make it seem like children are simply in the way, inconvenient, etc. well, many times it may be a little true. BUT you know what I love? those little illustrated stories from the Bible where Jesus tells His disciples to let the children come to him. Then, he laid his hands on them and blessed them! What a Savior we have who loves children, likes children! So, here are some pics of us in our everyday routine....
oh, Audrey did get a new booster chair for the table... she's been eating from the highchair till now... she's so excited about it.
and, the other photo is of Audrey and Alexander this morning... first thing after dad left for work they wanted in the chair together!
our big accomplishments for the day: made a tent out of sheets, played playdough, read, colored, went on a walk to the duck pond and fed ducks, listened to a new cd of nursery rhyme songs, played an educational video game, ate lunch, made dinner, watched a bit of cartoons.... and more but not neccessarily all in that order! thanks for reading my ramblings!

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stampqueen said...

What a Beautiful pair you have!!! I remember those days - mine are now 13 and 12 - oh boy hormones!!!
Yikes - enjoy them now :)
I hope you don't mind but I tagged you today - was my first time getting tagged so I thought my Nurse bloggers would be got 'targets' :).
Take Care