Friday, April 25, 2008


ya. not working full time as a RN any more... my bladder isn't able to last as long and neither are my poor legs. i worked today and am off again tomorrow... rare for me to work two days in a row. and they're only 8 hour shifts for goodness sake... I've turned into a softy! that's ok. it's all so I can be home with my darling children!
by the way... the sweet sounds of my children singing in the back seat to veggie tales and praise music. my son whispering "i love you mommy" as i tuck him in at night and my daughters "mama's" with happy smiles are so sweet these days. i can't even tell you! ok. off to bed... it's not even 10pm.... wow!


Norma Kennedy said...

Good for you- How Sweet It Is !


Lea L. said...

That is great Charity!! Loved your post tonight!