Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fun family stuff!

We interupt this scrappy stuff to bring you... family updates!!

So, Alexander has been out of preK for Spring Break this past week... here's what we've been up to...
We found a swingset/play set on sale at Walmart last Saturday, bought it and Brian (thanks Scott and Chris) started the 10 hour process of putting it together~.
Meme and Pappy had two sweet visitors at their house Sunday after church till Tuesday afternoon... cupcakes were made, eggs were dyed and McDonalds was eaten along with a trip to a fabulous park... (mom and dad actually went on a date!!!).
Here's a pic of the kiddos enjoying the swingset!

Then, today, we decided to hope for the best with the weather today (called for rain) and head out to Green Cove Springs for the Clay County Agricultural Fair. Dad had the day off and we had a great time!

Audrey and Alexander loved the rides! We saw pigs race (there are four heats, each heat has 5 pigs race.. each time there's a heat the man asks for "hog wild cheerleaders" for each pig... one was named Clay Bacon ha!... and Alexander was the cheerleader in the third heat... poor buddy cried when his little pig didn't win the race... aaaw... Alexander recovered quickly.. we ate icecream, shaved ice, cotton candy! Then, we saw this fun show with real aligators!! cool! We saw a bunch of animals, a butterfly exhibit, tractors and more!~ So much fun today! whew! thanks for letting me share!


Kandis Smith said...

Such a cute family!! Love all your pictures Charity!

Linda Beeson said...

Great photos, Charity - looks like everyone had a whole lot of fun. LOVE the new swingset! Just in time for summer.

Lynn said...

what fun pix. it looks like everyone had a great time.