Wednesday, July 23, 2008

shamrocks and a rainbow

pitching these ideas for a book, but no luck this time... maybe you'll see these somewhere else, but for now... I'll show you here!

Shamrock Topiary
I used more sturdy, green felt and cut out MANY hearts with a heart punch. Then, I used green pins to put the hearts together into a shamrock and to make the topiary! tfl!

Rainbow purse.
got this purse from target dollar spot a while ago. lots of ribbon, some white felt, flocking, buttons. tfl!


Lea L. said...

These are super adorable Charity! It is so funny you posted this...I am in the middle of working on a topiary as well!! Not the same as yours...but I haven't seen many I thought it was a bit ironic!

Anyways...I'll stop babbling now!

Sherry Wright said...

These are both amazing, not sure what book you were pitching but they're crazy not to have you create for them. You rock girl! ;0)