Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Glitz spied me

Wow. So much fun stuff this week! I am working on a layout today.. hope I can finish it during nap time, we'll see...
also we're gearing up at church for VBS next week! It's going to be absolutely fabulous.
I found out yesterday that Glitz spied my work and put some of it up on their blog! Tomorrow you can vote for your fav. spied glitz design ... so, if you have the desire go check out the projects and vote! here's the link to my project today!


Penny Smith said...

Congrats Charity! I have seen you on CMK!! I know that head shot! :)

You deserved it for this cutie project!

Penny (Glitz Spy Girl) :)

Lea L. said...

Congrats girlie! I love that project you did with the Glitzy goodness!


Leigh said...

I voted for you-- good luck!!