Wednesday, June 2, 2010

hodge podge kindof day

First, some recent cards made with October Afternoon's goodness:

The first one is so simple with all the letter stickers from October Afternoon, but I think it looks so fun- got the idea from one of my daughter's t-shirts with a similar design.

family stuff:

Happy Birthday to my neice Anna~ (my brother's girl- they are missionaries in Zambia... check out their blog to read about them) We love you girly~

Our Memorial Day weekend was fun! Friday was spent playing in our little pool in the back yard. Brian got the kids a slip and slide and tried to show them how to do it. They weren't sure about the running, jumping down on the thing, etc... So, Brian showed them how to do it himself... um, hilarious! I promised him I wouldn't put the pictures of him on the slip and slide on the blog... he was so sore the next day~ ha!
Here are a few photos of the kids over the weekend...

Last, Alexander's church choir is done for the year. One of the things FBC tries to do is teach children the old hymns of our faith... the meaty, wonderful, sometimes deep songs that teach us so much. They do that by having a hymn the children memorize monthly. The kids get a cd with the hymns for the year on it at the beginning of the year. Each month the kids can sing the first verse and chorus of that month's hymn to the teacher. If the child sings them all for the year they get an award... here's Alexander tonight... He got his award for hymn memorization~ yay!

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Sarah Mullanix said...

lovely colors and patterns on the cards! super cute photos summer pics!! :)