Friday, May 11, 2012

Muffins with Mom!

Yesterday at Audrey's Pre-K school, we had Muffins with Mom!

  It was so cute to see all the fun art projects and things the children had made for the moms.  They all painted pictures of their moms- we had to guess which picture was us!  Here is the picture Audrey painted of me-

We had some little muffins, served by the children and juice.  One cut thing was this list of things Audrey would buy me if she dad a million dollars:

The kids sang"I love mommy, I love mommy. Yes, I do, Yes I do.  Mommies are for hugging, mommies are for kissing. I love you. Yes, I do." to the tune of where is thumbkin!

Happy Mother's Day weekend everyone!

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Krafthead said...

I love Muffins with Mom...too bad I didn't snap a few photos...looks like you and your daughter had a blast! Happy Mother's Day~