Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Audrey goes to PreK

Yes, I dropped my baby girl off at pre-K today. It's her first day. Yes, I cried when I came in the house without her. She's so excited! We bought this little outfit for her months ago when we found it on sale. It seems like the perfect outfit for the first day of Audrey ever going to school! tfl!


Amy E said...

Oh how cute!!! It just breaks your heart that first day! Actually I always had trouble sending my kids back to school after summer...I LOVED having them home with me! They're all grown up now...it went by fast...so enjoy every little second of things like this. It goes by faster than you realize!!!

Amy E.

dstandard said...

So sweet and an adorable dress. It's so hard to see them go off that first day even more so since you know time just starts to fly after this!

Diane said...

She's so adorable!!! she looks happy to go though!! Two of my granddaughters had their first day of kindergarden yesterday...they go all day....one aked her Mommy if she couldn't be home schooled, but once she got there and saw her friend, they walked hand in hand down the hall.....so cute, they grow so fast...yours is a sweetie!!