Friday, May 13, 2011

A little dirt don't hurt!

Well, after at least 9 months of being here in the states, my brother and his family are once again overseas for several years. They just left this past week. We already miss them so much! We crammed as much fun and love into the time we had with them- especially in the last few weeks! We celebrated Easter, Mother's Day, Anna's birthday (a week early before they left). These photos are from a few days before they left at my mom's house. The kids had so much fun making mud pies, playing in dirt, playing with water and dirt, etc. They stayed out there playing for hours and hours!

So, in a swirl of birthday cake, homemade pizzas, last minute shopping trips, stolen hugs, muddy feet, cousin talk and more I snapped these photos!

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dstandard said...

What adorable pictures - they have grown!!!