Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Such a fun day! I had the kid's breakfast table decorated for Valentine's day- little goodies for them. Alexander had so many fun Valentine's from school to open when he got home. Brian got me a sweet card and Peterbrooke's chocolate- yum!
We all went out to eat at a Japanese place tonight. Alexander got a little scared of the flames at first when the cooking started, but soon the Japanese chef had him laughing!

Pictures of the kids today and sharing the lyrics to and old Steve Camp song- Love that will not let me go:

In this weary world chasing after dreams just led me back where I started
I couldn't see my way, or find a hiding place for the broken-hearted

You spoke softly to my soul, with one touch I was made whole

(Now I know that) there is a love that will not let me go
I can face tomorrow because You hold me forever
Stronger than the mighty winds that blow, I'm safe within Your arms
Love that will not let me go

Lord You always knew the road that I would take
But then You saved me just in time
And what I owe to You I could not repay so I pledge You my whole life
Never trusted love before, but I won't be afraid anymore

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Blossom inch said...

gorgeous kids and awesome work done on V day! Hugs