Friday, September 10, 2010

Glue Dots!!!!!

I cannot name one project I've ever made in all my crafting days that I have not used at least one glue dot product on. I love love love them and I am so excited that I have been asked to be on the glue dots team! It's going to be raining glue dots here at my house and I can't wait to share more glue dots projects on their site and here on my blog! thanks for letting me share and congrats to all the new glue dot team members:

We are very excited to announce our first ever Glue Dots Design Team! We received an overwhelming response and thank each of you for your interest in our program! Since we had such an amazing response, the Glue Dots team has developed two design teams!

We welcome and congratulate the Glue Dotties and the Glue Dottesses!

Without further adieu, here are our talented new team members in no particular order!

Glue Dottesses

Alyice Edrich
Angi Barrs
Becky Thackston
Bree Tetz
Brianne Nevill
Candy Spiegel
Chris Hurley
Christine Ousley
Christy Rather
Danielle Hunter
Debby Lewis
Jeanette Giancaspro
JJ Sobey
Kimberly Seldomridge
Latrice Murphy
Laura Davis
Lisa Dorsey
Lorelie Kim
Michelle Philippi
Rita Barakat
Samantha Taylor
Sarah Bucek
Tara Anderson
Terri Sproul
Windy Robinson

Glue Dotties

Abbey Richards
Carolyn Lontin
Charity Hassel
Dani Smith
Danielle Ryerson
Debbie Seyer
Jackie Weeks
Jenifer Cowles
Jennifer Cochran
Jessica Bates Wills
Karen Taylor
Kay Rogers
Kim Wilson
Lea Cioci
Lynda Jeffs
Lynn Warner
Monica Gardner
Nancy Rykiel
Renee Wallace
Shawnte Park
Stephanie Ackerman

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the welcome. I got my box and am already thinking of things I can do! Now that the house is no longer sick, I should be able to have some real fun this week. :)