Friday, May 7, 2010

One Punky Sprout Album!

My first time using a Punky Sprouts album!

In Our Home album.
This album is full of scriptures which our family is learning, has learned or claims. I wanted to write them down to remind us of them. tfl!

I used the Alfalfa Sprout album (8.5 inches tall by 5.5 inches wide. Front and back chipboard covers, 2 tabbed acrylic pages, 2 half circle canvas pages, and 1 bracketed chipboard page in the middle make the Alfalfa) for this one.

What's special about punky sprouts albums?
They're a fun mix of transparent, shaped chipboard and canvas. I also love that the wire bindings can be loosened easily to take apart the album to decorate easier and they push back together again to re-assemble it once you're done!

Check out the webiste for more ideas as well as a look at other albums by Punky Sprouts. We also have a blog and a facebook page!

One of our sponsors is My Little Shoebox. This album uses their Flying High line.

I used watercolor on two of the canvas pages- the rainbow and sunshine page. The watercolor did not seep thru to the back of the canvas, which was great!
Thanks for looking, Charity.


Keri said...

LOVE the canvas rainbow page...what a darling album!

Nat said...

I love it!!! Gorgeous album!!!

Keshka said...

This is so sweet!