Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Cards and the everglades

say what?
First, I wanted to post again some cards that have recently been published.

The May/June issue of Paper Crafts magazine is out and it is really gorgeous! I was fortunate to have one card picked up!

Here's my card:

Next up, some cards as seen in Craftsnthings magazine.

Spring has sprung as seen in Cards magazine..

Our spring break trip started and grandma's house then we went down to the Everglades... very fun! We took a 2 hour tour there... and saw a snake, tons of alligators, birds, etc. It was educational and interesting for us and hopefully the kids too... they liked finding the alligators as we went along.


Jen said...

Congrats on all the pubs!!! amazing as always!

Looks like a fun spring trip - I could do without a snake thou ;)

Unknown said...

Yes! Congrats on all your wonderful creations!! I especially LOVE the 1st one...Made me smile! And today I needed one ! Love the pics of your trip!

Diane Noble said...

Charity, congratulations on all of your published artwork! Your designs in Paper Creations are just gorgeous and I'm honored to be in the same magazine with you. I just wanted to hop onto your blog and say "hi!" I am delighted to see that not only do we share the same passion for crafting, but it's wonderful to meet a fellow believer here too. May your God-given gifts prosper you! Blessings...how fun to find you here!

Laurel Beard said...

I love all your creations and congratulations on your publications. I especially love the Spring has Sprung card. I love what you did with the patterned paper! :)