Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Today was haircut day...
Audrey has never had her hair cut... she's 3...
well, today she had a few inches taken off... just a trim.
She was really hesitant at first, but once in the chair I could see she really enjoyed herself. She liked having her hair combed and watched closely as the lady worked on her hair. When her hair was almost done she says "I want to do this every day!"

Alexander just chatted the entire time he was getting his hair cut to the lady cutting his hair. It was so cute as he talked about his toys, friends, school... too funny!

So, I tried to get some pictures of the kids once we were home... ya. here's what I got...

Last funny for the day..
Audrey and I were walking to the mailbox together today and she picked up a piece of bark that was on the ground. She says.."Mommy, Is this a rock?"
I told her... no, that's a piece of bark from off the side of a tree.
She says ..."ooooh! dogs LOVE that!"

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Charlene said...

Did you save a clipping?