Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving and a Camping Trip.

Thanksgiving Day was so fun... We went out to Hilliard, Florida to a friend's house... basically, they live on some property out there that our church owns and they keep it up, etc. It's gorgeous out there and a perfect get together spot for several families. We played ball, talked, ate. The kids ran around, they rode bikes, they rode on the golf cart, had a small parade and we even had a hayride!

The next morning our family took off to Georgia on a camping trip it got down to 28, yes I said 28 degrees the first night... We were so bundled up in our tents and let me tell you I questioned what we were doing out there that night... We hiked a bit the next day. It was quite the adventure and I am not sure if I'm yet ready to say I had a wonderful time, but I know it was good for the kids to be in nature, etc... here are some pics for you!

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