Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rainy Day Teaparty!

I've been so bad about taking pictures lately. Don't know why. Maybe because the entire family has had a cold/been recovering from one for the past week or so. Today was rainy all day. So, Audrey and I had to find something fun to play- voila- a happy tea party in her room with her little Tinker Monkey!

We've been doing lots of fun stuff the past few days- dad was traveling then- playdough, crayons that go in the tub, chinese delivery for me and Alexander last night, walking around the mall yesterday, chik-fil-a for dinner tonight with playtime after and a oreo milkshake to go! Oh, we did valentines for some far away cousins (you know who you are). We're glad dad's back and I hope to get some more pictures posted soon for the fam!!! Have a great day! hugs, Charity

1 comment:

Leslie Ashe said...

aww!!!!!! She's so CUTE!
You're a GREAT mom Charity!
I remember those I miss them!!

Have a great weekend!