Monday, March 3, 2008

Ya Know WHAT?

ya. that's the phrase dad and I get to hear on average of 70 times a day at the very least here at our house. Yep. fun! Alexander seems to start every sentence with this beloved phrase~ ha!
Yesterday little girl ran right into the edge of some furniture and she now has a bit of a purpleish bruise beside her eye today but nothing major.
here's a quick card I threw together during naptime today...

masking tape, staples, ATB love my school pp. Kim Hughes cornish heritage farms stamp.

I used one of Laura's stamps last nite while "scrapping" at Angie's house. I think we did very little scrapping, some stamping and lots of chatting!

I'm out of time....


Diane D. said...

I love the torn notebook paper holes- very original!

One of my guys had a bruise on his forehead for about a year and a half - every time it was almost gone, he'd bang his head again. He's now 8 and luckily seems none the worse for wear ;).

Maren said...

Love the bright colors and that fab apple! So cute!