Friday, September 28, 2007

"The Girls"

I have been so excited for the past few months because I have some girlfriends to hang out with! It's kind-of sad how isolated you can get as a mom, how hard it is to keep up with friends and sometimes to make new ones. I met Laura and Angie online! We all scrapbook, saw we lived close and they invited me to their playgroup. There, I met AnnaMaria as well as everyone's cute kids!
Well, we gals had our first "girls night" this week. I am SO glad everyone's as laid back as me. So, here are our pics - us, scrapping, laughing, no makeup! I think AnnaMaria's pic came out the best, that stinker!

And here we are, in no particular order,

Laura Williams

Angie Hagist


Annamaria Shockey


Laura said...

awwwww, i am so happy we all found each other too!! (sniff sniff!) it is SO good to have friends (especially crazy-scrappy-laid back-chocolate eating friends!)

Raechelle said...

How fun for you!!! I need some scrappy friends I can hang out with! :)