Thursday, August 9, 2007

A little about us!
Brian and I celebrated our five year anniversary a few months ago. We met at church and were married within a year! He is a wonderful husband and a fabulous father! Our children are so blessed to have a man who loves them as much as he does. Brian is my honey and my classic movie buff!
My little boy, Alexander, turns three in a few days! Wow! It's amazing how quickly the time goes by. I am so thankful I have been able to stay home and care for him these years. He is such a blessing! He cracks me up with his little-boy silliness. He melts my heart with his sweetness! Alexander has already asked me to marry him, lol!
Then there's my sweet sugar pie, Audrey. She is now nine months. She's a little of a late bloomer when it comes to crawling and getting her teeth in. She makes up for it by being way too cute and chatty!
We are sure not a perfect bunch but we love each other intensely and strive to make our house a place of safety, a sanctuary. If our home isn't safe from the craziness of this world, what IS safe. God, help us to make our home a place of joy, peace, growth and fun!

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