Monday, August 15, 2011

Lego Birthday Party for Alexander!

It was time to plan Alexander's 7th Birthday party and he asked for a Lego party! I began looking for Lego things to use for the party- not a whole lot out there that can just be bought from the store. So, thank goodness for the internet- lots of fun ideas, even nice people who are willing to share their ideas, pdf files, etc. for free! So, here are photos from the party. I will do my best to give you links to places that helped me, inspired me, etc. Here we go!

The invitations were made using this download- so cute and it's free!:

Here's the blog where I downloaded the invites from:

She also had a Lego VIP tag included in the invite. I printed those VIP tags out onto photo paper, cut them out and put them inside some clear name tags I purchased cheap from Wal-Mart. Each kid got a VIP tag when they came in the door for the party!

Another thing for when the kids were first arriving was to have them guess how many legos was in the jar:

I really loved the Lego Party here:

So, I just used my cricut to cut more white circles and glued them onto my table covers. Also, I bought some white circle stickers from Staples- used them on my cups for the Lego Candy Buffet!

Fun little touch-hung these outside:

Another cute, inexpensive idea is to cover juice boxes to look like Lego blocks. Here is where I got the free download for this:

Alexander wanted to do a pin the party hat on the lego man. So, I found it impossible to find an image large enough to make a decent lego man. So, I used this download here:

So, I used the paint program on my computer and blew up the lego man's individual pieces, then, used those printed images as templates to cut out each piece from colored posterboard. Then, I went around the edges with black marker. I glued him together on a green posterboard. I cut out my party hats using my cricut and added some white circle stickers. Here's the final product:

I hand cut these lego men out using a free printable from:, I used my Cricut to cut hair, clothes, purses, hats, guitars, shoes, etc. for the kids to create their very own lego men/girls. I also cut door hangs using my circut. So, the kids glued their lego people on the door hangs to put on their bedroom doors at home.
The kids working on their lego people:

Here's a picture of the one my son made:

I printed a few of the Happy Birthday men and used them as a banner:

Another ativity was simple, but something the kids could play in-between planned activities, a lego building area- we didn't want to use all my son's small Legos so we used Megablocks instead.

Outside activities included a Lego version of carrying a potato on a spoon. I used plastic spoons for each kid. There were 10 children- 5boys, 5girls. So, we divided up into 2 teams and had a relay race where the kids had to carry the lego (actually a megablock) on their spoon. The boys won that race.

Another activity we did was a Lego toss. Again, I used megablocks for this. Each child had a chance to toss 4 Megablocks. I used a red vinyl tablecloth, cut a bit off, used tent stakes to hold down the four edges. Then, I adhered 6 white paper plates to the red and wrote the point value for each plate. The kids had fun doing this one!

One thing I noticed- a lot of my activities took way less time than I anticipated! I'm not a professional party planner, that's for sure! Good thing we had the goody bags with coloring books and Lego creator gifts for everyone. So, the kids put their little lego planes and cars together for the last part of the party and some of them had fun coloring with the crayons shaped like legos!

Lego Candy Buffet:

The blue cups I used are small. I used white circle stickers on them to make them look more lego-ish. The white dotted balloons I found at Target in the party section. If I had not found dotted ones I was planning on just putting some white circle stickers on solid balloons. The mini candybars I covered with primary colored wraps. I used a paint program to create a solid strip with white circles, then printed, cut and wrapped my candybars. I found the red napkins with white dots at Target as well.

The cake I had made by Publix. No way was I attempting that! lol!

Gift bags:

So easy- I just used my cricut to cut the white circles and pop dots to add dimension.

The gift bag was filled with:

1.Lego man shaped crayons. (I bought mine from

2.Lego candy (I bought mine from Amazon)

3.Lego coloring book (I downloaded it from here- I printed the first page onto green cardstock and used my Cricut Cuttlebug to emboss the dots on the front.

4.Lego packs- I saw them on sale at ToysRUs, of course, after I bought them somewhere else for more money, lol.

The kids also took home their lego VIP tags and the doorhangs with their lego person on it as well as candy from the candy buffet!

Other great links for Lego things:

Free lego printables here:

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Here ya go:

Link to Lego font: just scroll down and click on the lego image

downloadable lego bingo:


lego pirate party:

Alexander and his friends:

I think the kids had a great time! tfl!, Charity


hilde janbroers said...

that looks like an amazing an fun lego party!! great photos to scrap as well...;-)

astrogirl529 said...

Thanks for linking to my blog :) Loved your party ideas.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the did an incredible job! My son is turning 7 and he wants a lego party! I better start working on all these fabulous ideas!


San Juanita said...

Thank you for sharing all of your tips! That is very nice of you.

Heather said...

Thanks for linking to my Lego party post. It looks like you all had a lot of fun at your party!

Michelle said...

Great party and thanks for sharing all of your links. You have saved me hours!